Jonas Rosenquist
Graphic Designer, Art Director, Painter & Sculptor​​​​​​​
Jonas Rosenquist is a seasoned graphic designer and art director driven by boundless creativity. His educational journey has taken him from Berghs SoC in Stockholm to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. While pursuing his Bachelor of Fine Arts, he honed his skills and expertise, eventually leading to a graphic designer role at a global enterprise in Paris, France.
Today, Jonas operates his own design studio in Paris, offering bespoke design solutions to a global clientele. His extensive experience collaborating with diverse brand teams has provided him with a deep understanding of brand requirements and the ability to consistently exceed client expectations. Jonas possesses a unique talent for transforming ideas into compelling visuals that vividly capture a brand's essence.
Committed to delivering excellence, Jonas maintains close collaboration with clients to comprehend their creative needs, timelines, and budget constraints. He also provides valuable consultations on enhancing brand image and achieving desired outcomes.
If you seek a graphic designer or art director capable of elevating your brand, Jonas Rosenquist is the ideal choice. Reach out to him today to discuss your upcoming project!