Jonas Sebastian Bill Rosenquist
Graphic Designer, Art Director, Painter & Sculptor
Jonas grew up on a small island in the archipelago of Stockholm. Growing up in a creative family, he quickly was introduced to drawing and painting. Later on, he was educated at Academy of Art University and Berghs SoC (as well as Stockholm University, Lund University, FLE, Folkuniversitetet, Insted, etc.)His Bachelor of Fine Arts studies brought him to San Francisco, where he learned to master and professionally apply his techniques. Thanks to his newly refined skills, he got offered a job as Graphic Designer for a global and well-established enterprise based in Paris, France. Today, still located in Paris, he runs his own design studio. His experience working with various brand teams has given him a veritable understanding of brand-needs and the know-how to satisfy their customer's expectations. 
"An impressive visual brand identity won't just attract clients and increase your revenues, it will also make your employees proud, thereby making them more efficient. That's what we call a win-win..." 
Studio Rosenquist takes on projects from both large-scale multinational companies and small-scale startups, from allover the world. All projects are tailored to your creative needs and deadlines, consultations may also be offered on how to further improve your brand image.